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Sustainable Tourism Standards Development

Sustainable Travel International has been at the forefront of sustainability standards development and certification since 2002.

Sustainable tourism standards are an essential component of destination management. They provide customers with an assurance that a destination or tourism operator’s facilities and services meet third-party verified levels of quality and sustainability.

Standards enable tourism boards to organize and recommend businesses based on performance, and they provide a framework for businesses to improve their operations. They also offer local residents security that the destination is protecting their community’s natural assets and character.

We believe in place-based solutions. Sustainability concerns and risks such as water, energy, unemployment, or loss of market share, are specific to each business or destination.  Our team helps to identify and address specific local sustainability issues using internationally recognized sustainable tourism criteria and indicators.

We’re pleased to share our tools and expertise with organizations seeking to improve their management of tourism impacts at a destination level.

Five steps to standards development for your destination:

Step 1: Project Scoping and Consultation

  • Scope and research local needs, existing standards and policy frameworks
  • Design and lead workshop with key stakeholders to draft customized set of criteria and indicators

Step 2: Analysis and Review

  • Streamline criteria and assessment processes, and work through any potential conflicts between quality and sustainability standards.
  • Ensure alignment with international standards

Step 3: Pilot Testing

  • Test new standards with select key stakeholders
  • Receive feedback on new standards and revise as necessary

Step 4: Online IT solution

  • Design and implement a proprietary IT solution which integrates both quality and sustainability programs and procedures.

Step 5: Customized Local Training

  • Develop new local training program, which includes in-depth review of sustainable tourism policies, impact measurement, certifications, and new sustainable tourism criteria and indicators
  • Train local trainers to deliver the curriculum
  • Accredit local auditors and consultants to assess compliance with the new standard
  • Prepare local businesses for certification while learning about the new standard
  • Train the destination management company or a local firm on how to profitably manage the program


  • Thank you to Sustainable Travel International for being our trusted partner on our country’s sustainability journey. With the support of their team, we have been able to take the next step forward. Their work with us has been instrumental in helping us to develop an action plan and identify concrete projects that are realistic, measurable, and designed to achieve maximum impact.

    - Richard Skerritt, Minister of Tourism & International Transport, St. Kitts & Nevis

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