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STEP Sustainability Management System

The online STEP Sustainability Management System features a suite of management tools that enable businesses to thoughtfully assess operations and monitor key performance indicators while generating immediate return on investment.

The STEP Sustainability Management System includes educational resources for assessment, benchmarking, and sustainability reporting. Advanced functions include action planning tools and reporting templates to track quarterly and annual performance. Components include:

Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment is your introduction to our globally-recognized sustainability standard. Assess yourself in areas like Business Planning, Workplace Practices, Environmental Management, Supply Chain Management, Ecosystem and Community Impacts, Guest Communications, and Sector-Specific Best Practices.  Each business will score itself against numerous best practices to understand a customized snapshot of performance, and gain an immediate understanding of short and long term areas for improvement.

Project Management Tools

Sustainability management primarily concerns action planning, monitoring, and reporting. The Sustainability Management System includes a number of project management tools to help prepare, plan, and execute sustainability best practices within a secure and accessible cloud-based database. Through successful use of this design each business will create its own personalized sustainability management plan.

Monitoring & Benchmarking Tools

The STEP Sustainability Management System includes a number of benchmarking tables to measure and monitor performance over time.  These tables include energy, waste, and water consumption, eco-friendly purchasing, business-related travel, and an emissions footprint assessment tool.

Sustainability Reporting

Generate reports that summarize progress for use in communications during team meetings and with other stakeholders. The Self-Assessment outlines exactly what needs to be measured and the project management tools provide reminders of exactly when to measure impacts and use benchmarking tables to report on the results of the impact assessments.

Policy Templates and Online Resources

The STEP Sustainability Management System includes a number of useful and educational resources to help start your sustainability journey. Participants can access policy and documentation templates, example sustainability reports, and program tutorials for use as a guideline throughout the process.

Data Aggregation Results

For those businesses and destinations that have multiple operations, the STEP Sustainability Management System automatically aggregates the different benchmarking data from individual sites into rich tables, charts, and reports. This allows application managers to fully understand the impact of operations across a number of sustainability indicators for use in quarterly or annual integrated reporting.

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