Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic

A Practical and Actionable Evaluation Tool

The Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic is designed to help both destination managers and the private sector evaluate the collective on-the-ground impacts of sustainability efforts to date. Participants establish a clear set of sustainable management priorities, while forging a realistic path forward for destination stakeholders.

The tool provides a snapshot of the destination’s sustainability status, a summary of destination management priorities, and valuable information to inform and shape destination level policy.

The Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic is participatory in nature and engages leaders from key stakeholder groups every step of the way—from visioning and providing inputs, to validating results and defining possible quick-win projects. It uses a traffic light system to help the destination prioritize the most salient issues.

Sustainable Travel International works hand-in-hand with a Destination Liaison to tailor the process to the destination’s particular needs, while ensuring knowledge transfer and building of local capacity.

Program Features:

  • Comprehensive destination sustainability assessment
  • Destination report card, highlighting risks and areas for improvement
  • Multi-stakeholder action planning forum
  • Practical action projects that are ready for implementation
  • Support for establishing a multi-sector Destination Stewardship Council